Albyn School is an independent school for girls and boys aged 2-18 located in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland. 

Founded in 1867 as an all-girls school, Albyn School has spent the last 156 years evolving to become one of Scotland’s leading independent educational establishments. Situated in the reputable West End of Aberdeen, our buildings are a beautiful blend of traditional 19th century granite villas and contemporary architecture, housing our Nursery, Lower School and Upper School. 


Our iconic Albyn Green blazer is a symbol of unity within our School, regardless of age, gender, nationality and beliefs. Worn by every pupil from P1 to S6, the blazer is accompanied by a kilt or grey trousers. 


In Scotland, a ‘clan’ is defined as a kinship group which gives a sense of shared identity and descent to members. When starting at Albyn School, pupils are allocated into one of four clans: Douglas, Forbes, Gordon or Stuart, in which they will remain until they leave in S6. Our clans offer opportunities for pupils of all ages to come together, and they create a support network throughout the school. 

Every year clans organise and participate in events such as the Swimming Gala, Clan Quiz, Musician of the Year, Sports Day, Clan Debate and various other charity events. These encourage pupils to take an active part in the co-curricular programme offered by the School and foster healthy competition between the clans. 

Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our pupils is of upmost priority at Albyn School. Our catering team take a fresh approach to lunches by offering a wide range of nutritious, delicious and locally sourced meals that are prepared in house. They are happy to cater to all dietary requirements. 

While we appreciate that not every child enjoys sports, we encourage our pupils to be as active as possible from a young age to develop good habits for the future. We offer a vast range of sports for pupils to choose from and our fitness suite is open to older pupils who wish to train or maintain their general fitness levels. 

We want our pupils to feel safe at Albyn School and have developed an extensive support network within our School. Our pupils are taught to care for one another and each pupil has members of staff, such as their form teachers, Head of Clan or a member of our pastoral team, with whom they can discuss any concerns they have no matter how big or small.  

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"The school has a rich history that goes back more than 150 years”