⭐️As You Like It⭐️Thursday 27 and Friday 28 February 7pm!

We would like you to meet Amy I …

“I play the Duke Senior. Duke Senior was banished to the forest of arden by his brother Duke Frederick and now lives in the forest with his group of followers. I get into character by looking over my lines and thinking about the persona of my character.

My favourite moment so far has been getting to know new people especially younger in the school and I have made lots of new friends. I’m most looking forward to the excitement of show night and the run up to the show as everyone is always buzzing and the atmosphere is amazing.

My favourite quote from the show is ‘We are all alone unhappy, this wide and universal theatre presents more woeful pageants wherein the scene we play in’ as Shakespeare’s work can still be related to today!”

Tickets are available to purchase from reception ?

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