Alex becomes first Albyn School cadet to earn wings badge

We are very proud of our S3 pupil Alex for becoming the first cadet at Albyn School to earn his wings. We hope he inspires more of our cadets to pursue their interest in aviation!

Alex, who started flying back in 2022, said: “I completed my training and my instructors let me go up on my own in mid-August 2023, only two months after my fourteenth birthday. Yes, you can get a flying licence before a driving licence!

“On my first solo flight I managed to gain over 5,500 feet of height unpowered and stayed up there for well over an hour before the ground crew told me to come down. This was great as most first solo flights only last 10 to 20 minutes. Overall, I have had an amazing experience flying so far.”

Well done, Alex!

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