Albyn School celebrates Chemistry Week by launching rockets and events

Albyn School marked Chemistry Week the best way possible… by launching rockets and events.

As part of their Space IPC topic, the class used their knowledge of chemical reactions to launch their mini rockets. They evaluated their methods after the first launch and changed either their volume of water, temperature of water or particle size of their compound. Some of the rockets nearly landed on the roof!

To coincide with Chemistry Week, Mrs Imlah, Head of Chemistry at Albyn School, is also pleased to share that following overwhelming demand and thoroughly positive feedback, she will once again host a series of ‘Call Me A Chemist’ events in early 2024.

Back in January 2023, Albyn School welcomed 24 primary school teachers from across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire into our science labs to inspire local primary school teachers who are not specialist science teachers. We cannot wait to open our doors again and help support science education in all schools.

Call Me a Chemist event will return in 2024.

Read more about the Call Me a Chemist events on the HMC website here.

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