Introducing Albyn School’s co-curricular activity Model UN

S6 pupil and Model UN’s media officer Brenda-Jane wrote the below blog to introduce the School’s popular co-curricular activity.

Model UN instigates the pupils’ critical thinking, develops their ability to solve problems with efficiency and strengthens their comprehension ability. It also improves their communication skills in a way that they are able to make their thoughts known and understood.

The club is all about carrying out simulations of the many committees which make up the United Nations. In those, real life geopolitical world issues are debated and argued for or against, with each student representing a country and giving statements about the topic based on what favours the interests of their nation.

The pupils are responsible for studying the conflict being dealt with and the position of all other countries to which it and its possible consequences may be of concern. The goal is to, alongside the other delegates, write up a resolution proposal which benefits the countries while also resolving the issue.

With the guidance of Mr Currie and Mrs Milne, the pupils gather during Monday lunchtimes to practise and develop their abilities to solve the conflicts as quickly as possible, while also getting the chance to gather even more knowledge about current world affairs – which is greatly useful when they attend Model UN events in other schools.

Above all, Model UN is a club about having fun and engaging with others while also gaining knowledge on the most important events that are happening or have happened in world history.


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