Albyn School celebrated La Chandeleur in French class

Our P5 children were treated to a sweet surprise on Friday (2 February) in French class as Albyn School parents Madame de Cacqueray and Madame Poupard came in to do a crêpe making workshop to celebrate “La Chandeleur”.

Tying in with their topic of food, P5 pupils enjoyed learning about the ingredients and process of making crêpres in French.

Chandeleur, or Candlemas, is a holiday celebrated on February 2, 40 days after Christmas. The name “Chandeleur” comes from the French word for candle – chandelle – referencing the tradition of blessing candles on this day. The celebration is also linked to light. It is thought that the shape of the crêpe looks like a solar disc or the sun symbolising the return of spring.

In France, it is customary to make crêpes on Chandeleur, and there is a belief that if you can flip a crêpe with a coin in your hand and it lands successfully back in the pan, you will have good luck for the year.

Thank you very much to Madame de Cacqueray and Madame Poupard for coming in to give our pupils this experience.

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