Albyn School Magazine and Video Club covers Founders’ Day

Albyn School celebrated its inaugural Founders’ Day on Friday 29 September.

Our S4 pupil Anna, who is part of the Albyn School Magazine and Video Club, wrote the below blog about the School’s Founders’ Day.


Last Friday, Albyn School commemorated Founders’ Day and celebrated the School’s 157th anniversary. Pupils were greeted with a fabulous green balloon arch, welcoming them to a decorated school.

The school day began with a special assembly, with the entire Upper School gathered in our Hall, listening to the Headmaster’s speech educating the school on Albyn’s history and founders. We heard a few words from the School Captains reflecting on the importance our founders had in shaping the school today. Later, the whole school joined together to sing the Albyn School song.

We remembered our founders, Miss Harriet Warrack and Mr Alexander Mackie, who formed what was known before as the Albyn Place Ladies School. Over the years,  Albyn School evolved into that we know today. However, its virtues remain the same.

Albyn School decided to commemorate Founders’ Day with a special cake made by a former pupil, representing the development of Albyn School and its progress throughout the years. With three tiers and lots of colour, this cake brought awe to many students and staff. A small crowd gathered with everyone waiting in anticipation as P2 Vice Captains and our School Captains slowly cut the cake. One pupil said the cake, which was served to pupils during lunchtime, looked “yummytastic”.

The Lower School held their own assembly to honour Albyn’s founders, with all primary pupils singing together and learning about their school’s history.

Our Lower School pupils got creative the week prior and created a few portraits of our former headmistress Miss Harriet Warrack. The artworks were proudly displayed in the Warrack Library. The School also took the opportunity to open the Norma Smith Room at lunchtime to showcase some of Albyn’s history to any curious pupils.

Recently, we interviewed Headmaster Stefan Horsman to learn more about Founders’ Day as an annual event for the school. Mr Horsman said we would celebrate Founders’ Day yearly, and to everyone’s relief, there will always be cake. 

He said: “The aim is to have another Founders’ Day next year and make it an annual event. We are also gearing up for our key celebration in two years’ time. In 2025, we will have been on Queen’s Road for 100 years.”


We hope you also enjoy the video our Albyn School Magazine and Video Club put together to commemorate the School’s Founders’ Day.

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