Ukraine Appeal

Working closely with the Polish School and the Polish Consul General in Edinburgh, an appeal was sent to the Albyn Community to help with the donation of much-needed supplies for Ukraine.

The School received a huge amount of donations from Albyn and the Polish School who also organised a bake sale last Saturday. The Polish Scouts were involved in the packing of donations at the weekend. These boxes were organised so that aid could be distributed much more quickly on arrival. It was a real team effort!

The collection of goods was co-ordinated by the Polish School who the School hosts each Saturday. They organised their own van to drive to Poland directly and are currently on their way. The van will travel to the border at Medyka where the family of a member of staff at the Polish School is helping to coordinate relief efforts.

Headmaster, Stefan Horsman, said:

“The response of the whole Albyn community has been amazingly generous at this difficult time for the people of Ukraine. It has been great to see such a rapid and engaged response and I am delighted that Albyn School has been able to work with the Polish School on this project. Everything donated is now on its way to the Poland-Ukraine border at Medyka where the family of a member of staff at the Polish School is helping coordinate relief efforts. It is great to know that everything that has been donated will make it right to the front line in this unfolding tragedy. Thank you.”

Head of the Polish School, Joanna Forycka, commented:

We are very impressed with the response of parents and staff from Albyn School for their generosity and help during the sorting and packing of the donations. The first transport is due to arrive to Medyka by Friday this week. It will reach those who are now fleeing to new homes and leaving beloved ones behind as well as their possessions.

 These gifts from the Aberdeen community will help to comfort the lives of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.”

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