Albyn School’s Vice Captain Aayaan hopes to study mechanical or aeronautical engineering

Aayaan’s excitement knew no bounds when he achieved five A’s at Higher level, excelling in Chemistry, Economics, English, Mathematics and Physics.

Expressing his aspirations, Aayaan shared: “My hope is that I can get into a good English university. I am thinking about applying to either Oxford or Cambridge and then probably also Imperial College London and a few others.

“I hope to go on and study either mechanical or aeronautical/ aerospace engineering.”

Having been a bright student since his early days at Albyn, Aayaan is “quite excited” to become the School’s Vice Captain.

Reflecting on his journey at Albyn, he said: “I have been at Albyn for all of my school life and it has been really good.

“I think the main good thing about Albyn School is its community feel. As it is a smaller school, it has a tight-knit community which I think everybody here enjoys.

“Teachers at Albyn are always really nice and supportive.”

Outside of his academic pursuits, Aayaan indulges in sports as well.

He said: “Right now, I play football for the School and I ski too. Throughout my time at Albyn, I tried just about every sport with the School.”

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