Drinks in the City – Former Pupil Events

✨ Drinks in the City ✨

We are in the midst of a series of events to celebrate our former pupils in various different locations in the UK.

Last week, current Headmaster, Stefan Horsman was joined by previous Heads, Norma Smith and John Halliday, in Edinburgh with a number of former pupils from different generations of Albyn!

We look forward to hosting our second in London this evening where Stefan will meet with another group of fabulous former pupils ?

Our third event will take place next Wednesday in Aberdeen where we look forward to seeing some familiar faces ?

If you are a former pupil or know of any former Albyn pupils who would like to join us this evening or next week in Aberdeen, please email FormerPupils@albynschool.co.uk with your name and the years that you attended Albyn School ?

We have really enjoyed hosting these events and can’t wait to arrange more celebrations in the near future. Watch this space ?

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