Formula 24 Success in East Fortune

The Albyn School Green Arrows team had another exciting day at the East Fortune round of the Greenpower Formula 24 competition on Friday 2 September. It was an early start with the team leaving school at 5.30am for a 3hour drive in the school minibus to the venue. Colin and Robbie towed the new trailer with the cars and equipment.

The first hour at the event is always a bit frantic, getting the cars ready for scrutineering and the team members organised into their duties. Before we knew it, it was time for the team briefing from the organisers and into the Practice. This is always a bit nerve racking as we discover how the drivers and the cars perform on the track. Thankfully all went smoothly, and we went into Race 1 with just a simple change of batteries. GA1 our main car quickly showed its potential leading the field with a smooth elegance from start to finish over two laps ahead of the next car. GA2 ran well but was not a match for GA1 and finished 3rd.

After lunch and a few minor tweaks to the cars we were into Race 2. Again, both cars performed really well and GA1 sailed home with a commanding lead. GA2 finished 4th this time. After collecting their trophies and medals the team packed up and made it home around 9pm. A long but very enjoyable and productive day.

Well done to all involved but a special thanks to our sponsors who help make all this possible. They include, Valor group, Wynford farm, Diack Motors, Kip McGrath and Braizer trailers.

Written by Andy Ward, Formula24 helper and former member of staff

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