Introducing Scott S who is taking part in As You Like It later this month …

“I play ‘Charles the wrestler’. Charles is one of the minor characters on the play, he is the court-wrestler, despite only being in a couple scenes at the start. Charles acts as a source of information on Rosalind and Duke Senior, very early on in the play, and is used to show Oliver’s original villainous actions . He is also used to help set up Orlando as the ‘hero’ in As You Like It. In a wrestling match between the two, where Charles is the overwhelming favourite, Orlando pulls off a surprising win which causes Orlando to win the heart of Rosalind.

Usually before doing a scene I will practise the accent I use for Charles, which helps me get into character, but even just focusing on the image of Charles and his descriptions, helps me get into character.

A high-point for me was definitely the drama stage-fighting workshop which we did earlier in the year and has probably been my favourite moment in the show so far. It was fascinating to see how stage-fighting works and even more fun to try some of it.

The atmosphere on performance nights is something to look forward to, in all the shows I’ve done previously, I’ve always found that the feeling of excitement that the cast gets on performance nights is special.

My favourite quote has to be: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;”. Shakespeare’s works has managed to last centuries due to how relatable so many of the ideas and themes he covers in his plays and sonnets, but I feel that this quote is still one of the most relevant in today’s world and manages to give us a different perspective on life.”

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