Les Misérables Workshop 2020

At the start of this month Albyn School had the pleasure of hosting a theatre workshop by special guest Jenna Innes!

Jenna who currently has a lead role in the European tour of Les Misérables, ran musical workshops with both our Upper School and Lower School pupils.

Find out what Jenna got up to in school below:

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Jenna Innes and I am a professional performing actress from Aberdeen. I studied at the MTA in London and I was lucky enough that when I was training to be nominated for the award of “Best Actress in a New Musical” in 2016.

How long have you been performing professionally?
I have been performing professionally for a little over three years now so not long. I just graduated!

What character do you play in Les Misérables and do you see similarities between that character and yourself?
In the show I play Éponine Thénardier who ends up being a poverty stricken woman living in the mid 1800s. I think she is very much like me in the sense that she is quite feisty, smart and very savvy with lots of street smarts.

What is the best thing about stage theatre?

Absolutely all of it! I love performing and the confidence it gives and instils in you from such a young age. I have always loved being able to tell stories so this blends into my performing. It is something I have always loved. It brings people so much joy.

What did you enjoy most about being at Albyn School?
I used to stage coaching here so this is a full circle moment to be back at Albyn. I haven’t done it for years so it has been lovely.
I worked with the Lower School in the morning developing their performing skills for their upcoming show Annie. They were so energetic and really took on everything I said.
In the afternoon I worked with the Upper School Pupils teaching them a routine and song from Les Misérables and enhancing their performing skills. They sang so beautifully, their harmonies were brilliant and they achieved a lot in the little amount of time we had together.

The event was organised by our very own Director of Music Mr Somerville who said:

“The Les Misérables workshop was an excellent opportunity for our pupils to work with a professional performer from a musical they all love.  Jenna had a fantastic manner with all of our pupils young and old and managed to get the best out of them. 
In the morning the Cast of Annie worked on their chorus number NYC and Jenna helped them with their stage presence and enthusiasm.  It was a fantastic opportunity to tidy this large and energetic number.  Our afternoon session was with approximately 20 Upper School pupils who learned ‘One Day More’ from Les Misérables.
I am very proud of them all as they worked hard, were respectful and presented themselves and Albyn in a positive light.  We have invited Jenna to come back in the summer term, as she has a couple of days free between performances.”


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