Looking Out, Looking In: A Symphony for Europe

Looking Out, Looking In: A Symphony for Europe

? Wednesday 12 October
? The Music Hall
? £10 per adult and £5 per child

Albyn School has been working with schools in France, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Greece over the last two years as part of a special Erasmus+ Project – one of the final EU-funded projects that British schools were able to participate in. One of our main goals, as a UK school, is to help our pupils realise that they are still European despite our departure from the EU. Pupils from each of the six schools are finally able to meet in-person to enjoy a cultural and musical exchange, having had to work together remotely because of the pandemic. The result of their collaboration over the last two years is “A Symphony for Europe”, which will be premiered at this special performance on Wednesday 12 October at 7pm in the Music Hall. This concert features a celebration of our similarities and differences, with performances from each Erasmus+ country, from Albyn’s P3-P6 Choir, P7-S6 Choir, P7–S6 Vocal Ensemble, Erasmus+ Group and P7-S6 Orchestra, as well as the combined orchestra of our six Erasmus+ nations.

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