New P.E Challenge!

Dear Parents,

The PE department are keen to get families up and active, so for the next four weeks we are going to be running weekly family challenges. This week’s challenge will run from Saturday 23rd January until Friday 29th January. All entries must be submitted via email to by 3pm on Friday 29th January.

The first challenge is Albyn School creates Strava art!

Before you start a family member must download the Strava app on to their smartphone. As a family you then go out for a walk/run/cycle and follow your mapped out route to create your picture. This picture below was my attempt at a T-REX!!

Some handy hints for planning your artwork.
1) Take a screen shot of the area you are planning to exercise in using Google maps.
2) Plan your drawing by sketching on top of the screenshoted map.
3) As a family head out to start your drawing, remember to start your Strava app and then follow your pre mapped sketch.
4) At the end of your drawing stop Strava.

Once you have completed your drawing please email your Strava screenshot to

The winning picture will be annouced on the school’s social media pages on Monday 1st Feburary.

I hope you have a great time completing this fun challenge.


Jimmy Lamont
Head of PE and Games

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