YPI and Aberdeen Foyer

As part of the S3 Youth Philanthropy Initiative, a group of pupils is working with local charity, the Foyer, who is looking for host families to volunteer in their new NightStop Initiative.
The S3 group of pupils includes Alvin, Innes, Daniel and Cameron who have enjoyed working with this very worthy charity. Cameron commented:
“We visited Aberdeen Foyer as part of our YPI charity project. Aberdeen Foyer supports young people from the ages of 16-25 by supplying them with safe housing and physical as well as emotional support. Our group wanted to support the Foyer as we have all seen the effects of homelessness, and we felt that no young person should go without a safe place to sleep. When we visited them, we were shown around their supported accommodation, and we were surprised by how clean and modern the apartments were. We also spoke to Megan, who is the coordinator of the Nightstop program, which is a new initiative to give a young person a safe place for a night while they patch things up with their families or have permanent housing arranged. She gave us a good insight into how the Foyer helps the people they work with and how passionate they are about what they do!”
For more information about Aberdeen Foyer, please see the link below:

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