Preschool (age 3-5 years)

In Preschool we follow the principles of the ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ and use an ‘active’ approach to help your child develop a positive attitude to learning. Each child will be allocated a dedicated keyworker, supported by others in the Preschool team, who spends time every day with the children in their group enabling each keyworker to adapt learning goals to a child’s specific needs and provide the level of attention required as children prepare to join Lower School.

Albyn Preschool rooms are organised into zones with different opportunities and experiences on offer in each zone. The Preschool day is planned and scheduled to enable a flow through the different zones as well as making use of outdoor and off-site spaces allowing children to develop their learning across all areas of the curriculum. We encourage parents to take a look at ‘Realising the Ambition – Being Me’ which sets out the importance and benefits of bringing our young children together to learn and takes parents on a wonderful journey from ‘When I am a Baby…’ to ‘When I am a toddler…’ to ‘When I am a young child…’


Children have the opportunity to take part in activities such as baking, gardening, drama and science time as well as beginning to familiarise themselves with computers and IT by playing games on a PC and using the interactive white board. The children enjoy different seasonal activities, crafts and games throughout the year. They also receive weekly music lessons with a specialist teacher, experience visits to the Lower School Library once a week and take part in gym time.


Our Preschool children are encouraged to play outside regularly. The playground acts as an extension of the classroom featuring a wet wall, ‘fairy garden’ and games which provide many opportunities to learn through play. With parental consent, there are trips to the theatre, forest adventures, train journeys and visits to nearby castles and museums, all while enjoying a delicious ice cream or two!


Our in-house catering team make meals and snacks for our children and can cater for a range of dietary requirements. The food they prepare is both healthy and varied; typical morning snacks include fruit, toast or cereal and lunch could be homemade soup, lasagne or filled jacket potato served with seasonal vegetables and yoghurt for dessert. An afternoon snack may include hummus and bread sticks or homemade fruit cake. Menus are provided to parents at the beginning of each term. The children are given responsibilities during snack times such as helping to set the table and to clear away their plates to encourage good manners and positive attitudes towards food.


At pick up time you will be updated on what your child has been doing that day, what they have eaten and how they are progressing. Parents also receive a weekly newsletter packed with photographs and relevant information.

You will also be able to book time with your child’s keyworker throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress in greater detail.


All children attending Albyn Preschool are welcome to apply for a place in Primary 1 at Albyn School. Applications for P1 are also open to external children. Entrance tests occur in January and offers of places are made in February.

All Preschool children will spend time in the P1 classrooms throughout the year to familiarise themselves with the Lower School environment. Your child will also experience ‘playtime’ and will be given more responsibility throughout their Preschool day.

Parents will also be invited to attend an induction meeting in June where Lower School routines will be discussed and you will be given the opportunity to meet the Lower School teaching staff.

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If you have any questions about our admissions process or would like to find out more about Albyn School, we would love to hear from you so please get in touch.

"Children in our Pre-School will spend 5 months transitioning into Lower 1 before officially starting in August.”

- Admissions