Albyn Curriculum

At Albyn School we are incredibly proud of our pupils’ academic achievements and our excellent teachers provide the support and guidance for each pupil to flourish and reach their full potential both inside and beyond the classroom.

We recognise that each child is an individual with different interests, strengths and aspirations. The Upper School curriculum allows pupils to discover their passion as they learn across a broad range of subjects initially which are refined as pupils progress.

S1 and S2

In the first two years of Upper School, pupils have the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects. These include the core subjects such as English, Mathematics, all three sciences, IT, Technology, two foreign languages and a range of arts, humanities and social science subjects. In addition, pupils take part in Physical Education (PE), games and a Civics programme. Their timetable will include:

Art & Design / Biology / Chemistry / Classics / English / Geography / History /  two Foreign Languages* / Mathematics / Modern Studies / Music / Civics/ Physical Education & Sport / Physics / Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies / Computing, Design & Technology / Drama **.
*Pupils will opt to study two from French, German, and Spanish.  
**Computing, Design and Technology and Drama rotate in blocks so that a pupil studies only one of these subjects at a time for approximately 12 weeks.


S3 and s4

Following two years of exposure to a wide variety of subjects, pupils have the opportunity to select eight subjects to study for National 5 exams. Pupils also have periods of Civics and Study Skills in addition to the below:


  • English and Mathematics
  • At least one science
  •  At least one language
  • We advise at least one social subject
  • At least one creative/practical/technical subject

Plus three subjects from the below:

Sciences: Biology/Chemistry/Physics

Languages : French/German/Latin/Spanish

Social Sciences: Business Management/Economics/Geography/History/Modern Studies, Religious Studies

Creative/ practical/ technical: Art and Design/Computing Science/Drama/Engineering Science/Music/Music Technology, Physical Education



In S5, our pupils will be thinking about their future pathways and should choose subjects appropriate to the university courses they would like to apply for. Pupils select five subjects to study as well as continuing to take part in PE, Sport and Civics lessons. Subjects selected are for Higher exams with certain National 5 courses also available.

Subjects offered for Highers include those taught in S3 and S4 with some additions. A comprehensive S5 Subject Choices booklet is produced annually and pupils are given the opportunity to consider the different options available and seek guidance when required.

Further information about entry into S5 is available from our Admissions Department.



During their final year at Albyn School, pupils study a minimum of three subjects which can be a mixture of Advanced Highers, Highers and National 5s (where available). The balance shifts from teacher-led classwork to more independent study as our pupils prepare for the world beyond Albyn School. All pupils will work on projects and dissertations over the year.

S6 pupils also continue to take part in Sports and Civics, a bespoke course combining elements of Careers Education, PSE (Personal Social Education) and RMPS (Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies).

Participation in life beyond the classroom continues in S6 and pupils are expected to involve themselves in two lunchtime co-curricular activities each week. The majority of pupils participate in music, sport and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, for which we are a registered centre in the UK.


Year Group Qualification UK/Overseas Equivalent
S3 & 4 National 4 and 5 GCSE/IGCSE
S5 Highers AS Levels
S6 Advanced Highers A Levels



At Albyn School 1:1 devices for all pupils is introduced in Lower School P5.

From P5 to S2, pupils are taught a common, core curriculum in whole class groupings and at this earlier stage of cognitive development, we require pupils to have their own iPad. This device supports educational aims including collaboration, independent learning and research, creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and communication.

Once subject choices have been made from S3 onwards, and the curriculum has narrowed down and pupils have become more capable of managing their own device, and where there is generally more extended writing, a device-agnostic approach is taken and pupils can select to use any tablet or laptop from S3 to S6.

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"Our curriculum allows pupils to develop their intellect and to hone their academic, artistic, sporting and musical interests.”

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