Chemistry is an extremely popular subject at Albyn School and is the subject our pupils most commonly choose to study at Advanced Higher level. Our Chemistry team aim to produce imaginative and well-informed scientists who have great appreciation for the complexity of Chemistry’s everyday occurrence, preparing them for careers within fields such as engineering and pharmacology.


As with all of our science subjects, the Chemistry department understand the importance of practical leaning and will give our pupils as many opportunities as possible to experiment for themselves. S1 to S6 pupils study a range of topics, many of which are taught in conjunctions with external scientific organisations through challenges and competitions such as the Society of Cosmetic Scientists Practical Competition, the Bill Bryson Prize for Science Communication and also the BP Ultimate STEM Challenge. Our pupils are also strongly encouraged to undertake independent research for which the pupils can achieve a CREST award. This award can boost their application to university significantly.


Our specially built Chemistry labs are equipped with an array of top-end apparatus to ensure the upmost accuracy and precision in all experiments, including a furnace, spectrophotometer and data logging apparatus which allows our pupils to use graphing software to digitally analyse their results.


Topics covered in our Chemistry course include:

  • Nature’s Chemistry
  • Chemical Changes and Structure
  • Chemistry in Society
  • Chemical Changes and Structure
  • Reaction Rates
  • Natures Chemistry – Organic Chemistry
  • Chemistry in Society
  • Researching Chemistry
  • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry


Lessons are supplemented by science excursions including a trip to a local whisky distillery – Glen Garioch – where they can witness the practical applications of what they have been learning.


Due to the large intake of Advanced Higher Chemistry, we have a high number of pupils going on to chemistry related degrees such as chemical engineering, medicinal & biological chemistry and forensic & analytical chemistry. Our chemistry course ignites true passion and interest for the subject within our pupils which is why so many choose to remain the field beyond school.


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