There are many benefits of studying Drama for all pupils, not just those who wish to pursue a career on stage. Our Drama lessons offer an outlet for pupils to express emotion and thoughts within a safe environment whilst developing communication skills through constructive critiques of performances.


By placing themselves in someone else’s shoes for a few moments pupils learn to imagine how that person would be feeling at that time, teaching them empathy and tolerance for others. Drama also teaches our pupils to be confident speaking in public, an attribute which is invaluable in the business world.


Our Drama department teach using both practical and theory-based methods, with our children critically analysing some of the greatest theatrical works to date such as Charles Dickens ‘Great Expectations’. Our pupils also get the opportunity to work as a production team to bring to life these works, showcasing their talents in acting, design and technical theatre. Our small class sizes allows for plenty of time to nurture the individual talents of our pupils. Our Drama pupils attend regular visits to local theatres and also benefit from workshops led by industry professionals such as The Globe Theatre.


Topics covered in out Drama course include:

  • Drama Skills
  • Drama Production Skills


By S5 and 6, our pupils are offered a great deal of scope for what works they would like to study. This naturally increases their interest in the subject and in turn, produces exceptionally high pass rates for the course. Last year 100% of Higher Drama pupils and 90% of National 5 candidates achieved grade A.


Beyond the curriculum the Drama department put on annual performances for which the whole school can get involved with. These are certainly one of the highlights of the year for the Albyn Community with our 2017 performance of ‘Godspell’ attracting audiences 3 nights in a row this year.


After studying Drama at Albyn our pupils in recent years have gone on to study degrees such as professional stage management and media. However the by-products of teaching drama such as confidence in public speaking and crucial analysis of text are also highly beneficial for pupils who wish to pursue careers in business and law.­­­


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"The arts are very important at Albyn School. We want our pupils to be feel they can express themselves artistically with confidence, creativity and passion.”

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