Engineering Science


Our Engineering Science course teaches our pupils essential problem solving skills and develops their curiosity to explore how things work. By the end of the course, pupils will have a knowledge and understanding of key engineering concepts and processes, and the ability to apply these to a variety of problems; and an awareness of the impact of engineering on society and the environment.


Our state of the art Engineering Centre is located at the far left corner of the school grounds attached to the science department. It consists of a classroom to teach theory and design and a workshop for practical implementation. The classroom is fitted with top of the range computers complete with standard issue CAD software for pupils to create designs which can then be made in the workshop using specialist machinery. The centre also offers the opportunity for pupils to learn and practice topics such as pneumatics, soldering, 3D printing and investigation of complex electrical and mechanical systems. All topics covered involve problem solving and evaluating through simulation, practical projects and investigative tasks in a range of contexts.


Topics covered in our Engineering Science Course include:

  • Electrical and Electronic Systems
  • Mechanical Systems – including pneumatics and mechanical drive systems
  • Engineering – Contexts and Challenges relating to the environment, sustainable development, and economic and social issues
  • Electronics and Control
  • Mechanisms and Structures


Proficiency in mathematics is important in this course as it involves using and rearranging formulae as part of the problem solving process.


Many Albyn pupils go on to further education studying Engineering related degrees. By studying Engineering Science at Albyn our pupils develop solid grounding in what we believe to be the fundamentals of the subject from which their future in the scientific field can thrive.


Come and visit our Wood Foundation Engineering Centre by booking a tour of Albyn School.


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