The Geography Department at Albyn School gives pupils an understanding of the physical and human environment around them, studying the science of natural phenomena and geography of past times which has impacted the evolution of people and places. An understanding of the location of places and cultural climates & characteristics is useful within any career prospect our pupils might consider as our world becomes increasingly interdependent. However, a passion for geography can lead to rewarding careers within fields such as geology, engineering and environmental conservation.


A vital aspect of learning Geography is getting pupils outside to witness it for themselves, which is why our teachers will take pupils on several visits throughout their time studying the subject. In more rural locations such as Blencathra in the Lake District, our pupils practice essential mapping skills and working out distances, direction and locations whilst monitoring, recording and analysing their surroundings. They also visit places such as Edinburgh where they explore the streets which owe much of their heritage to previous volcanic activity. Pupils also develop fieldwork methods and techniques such as surveying passers-by and land use patterns.


In the classroom, our pupils will study topics such as in-depth analysis’s of individual countries and continents and the structure of the earth and the impact of hazards associated with plate tectonics. Supervolcanoes is a particularly favoured topic amongst pupils.


Other topics covered in our Geography course include:

  • Physical Environments
  • Human Environments
  • Global Issues


In recent years our pupils have used what they have learned in our Geography course to get into degrees such as Geophysics & Meteorology, Geology & Petroleum Geology and Geography & Social Anthropology. At Albyn School we undoubtedly believe in the importance of this subject, after all;


“…geography students hold the key to the world’s problems.”

– Michal Palin (President of the Royal Geographical Society).


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