Mathematics is an important subject that plays in many aspects of every day life. All of our pupils study Maths until they reach S5 when they can have the choice to study this as a Higher subject.


Topics covered in our Mathematics course include:

  • Expressions and Formulae
  • Relationships –   including aspects of algebra, geometry, trigonometry and reasoning
  • Applications –  including trigonometry, geometry, number processes and statistics within real-life contexts
  • Expressions and Functions
  • Relationships and Calculus


At Advanced Higher level, we offer all three subjects of Maths; Mathematics, The Mathematics of Mechanics and Statistics


The department has an ‘Open Door’ policy for all pupils who would like to speak to and receive help from their teachers directly at any time. There is also a Maths Clinic and a Higher Maths Revision Day out with class time to help the pupils further their learning.


Beyond the classroom, there are a number of competitions that we enter and events that we attend for example, UKMT Challenge, SMC, Team Challenges, Enterprising Maths, Maths in the Pipeline and Financial Maths.


Many of our pupils have succeeded in achieving places in Universities all over the UK for Mathematical degrees and also degrees where Maths plays a strong part such as Architecture.


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