Music is an intrinsic part of life at Albyn School and we are immensely proud of the large number of very talented musicians we produce. Studying music not only teaches our pupils skills such as patience and discipline but can also foster their creativity and relieve stress. With ample opportunity to perform both inside and out of School, our pupils will often feel a sense of self-achievement which can help them to accomplish more in other areas of their lives.


Our Music Department has a set of goals for which they wish every child to achieve, including learning to play at least three instruments well, learning to read music, performing in front of an audience and composition of their own music. By using a linearly designed top down method of teaching, our teachers look at the skills pupils need to succeed at A-Level and start teaching them from the age of 3 years old. Pupils begin with learning the fundamentals of rhythm and sound then move on to instruments such as the recorder, keyboard, tuned percussion and ukulele, giving them a wide base of relevant musical skills. From this, pupils can determine other instruments which interest them and will be given the opportunity to try these for themselves.


We recognise that music is not all about playing instruments and that some pupils may find learning an instrument to any great level a challenge. However, music is an important part of everyday life and we believe that understanding music through listening and exploring gives pupils access to an otherwise incomprehensible realm. One period of music a week is dedicated to listening to music from various genres and times periods and using them as a basis for group composition and improvisation.


The department uses the most up-to- date technology to subsidise our pupils learning, including the latest musical learning software and a completely digital recording studio which allows pupils to record and edit tracks to a professional standard.


We have close affiliations with the Scottish Opera with involves regular visits from them to the School to put on workshops for our pupils and several trips to see opera at his Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen. These encounters with industry professionals are invaluable to our pupils who may wish to follow a similar career path.


There are over 30 co-curricular musical groups throughout Albyn School, including the Lower and Upper School orchestras, strings, wind and percussion ensembles and various vocal groups to name only a few. One-to-one tuition is also available for many instruments. There is also a musical theatre group who put on a spectacular performance every year for all of our Albyn Community to come along and enjoy. Past performances have included Oliver and Godspell. From painting the set to light and sound production, our pupils learn a number of skills whilst putting on these shows which never fail to be a highlight of the Albyn School calendar.


Whether going on to study Music at a higher level or not, studying music at Albyn School will undoubtedly have an enriching impact throughout the rest of our pupil’s lives.


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"The arts are very important at Albyn School. We want our pupils to be feel they can express themselves artistically with confidence, creativity and passion.”

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