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Check out Ruaraidh’s brilliant I-solation challenge video!

Ruaraidh commented:

“For this project I was particularly focusing on making the music! I wished to make a small collage where you could see (almost) all the instruments and elements in the track. I’ve not does this before but I like this idea because it accompanies the music and highlights the effort that went into making that main element! I had been nominated with MC Hammer’s ‘You can’t Touch This’ for the challenge and I will admit many of the lyrics really handed themselves over to the current situation or were more so ironic of it! “Ring the bell schools in sucka” comes to mind. I really enjoyed learning the process of the collage formating and the ins and outs of making a music video. Especially because I used to stage and edit lots of short films with a friend. However, I also took the opportunity to practice my music mixing and master skills with this track – This is really important and useful in music making! My real pride is the song itself and its lyrics which took the most care, comedy and effort!”

Well done Ruaraidh!! ⭐️?

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