Pastoral Care

We provide an environment where pupils feel safe, secure and comfortable in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. Our pastoral team are always on hand to support each child should any issue arise whether it be academic or wellbeing related. More than anything else, we want our pupils to be happy and enjoy their learning at Albyn School and have built a network to support this goal.

Each pupil is assigned to a Clan when they join Albyn and form classes are allocated by Clan. The Albyn School Clans are Douglas, Forbes, Gordon and Stuart. We believe that our strong Clan system helps foster relationships between pupils and staff and creates community spirit within the School. Regular Clan events such as sporting, singing and debating competitions allow for interaction between pupils of all ages throughout the Upper School. This can act as a support system for pupils, giving them the option to speak to an older pupil within their Clan about subjects which may be concerning them or to their Head of the Clan or their Form Teacher.

Form teachers are the first point of contact for all pupils and their parents. Upper School pupils are introduced to their Form Teacher at the beginning of the academic year. Form Teachers register their class every morning and after lunch and meet pupils periodically on a one to one basis to ensure that each individual is coping well and achieving their potential. Specific substitute form teachers cover the role during any absences and also act as another mentor for pupils.

We acknowledge that there may be times when life can become a little challenging or overwhelming. Every pupil at Albyn has a strong support system around them should times get tough. Assistant Heads, Heads of Clan and Form Teachers all dedicate their time, energy and expertise to listening and nurturing our pupils. They appreciate that our pupils have individual needs on a number of different levels and will always do what they can to make sure these needs are met. We also strongly encourage our pupils to support and care for one another’s wellbeing and to let staff know if they have concerns for a fellow pupil.

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"Your child’s health and well-being is the most important part of their everyday life at Albyn School.”

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