Going the Distance with Friends of Anchor

Albyn School is taking part in Friends of ANCHOR’s ‘Going the Distance Rally for Research’ to raise vital funds for cancer research. This event is encouraging children and adults to refuel motivation levels and get active in the month of March. The challenge is to cover 72,000 miles with the collective help from everyone involved. It is hoped that this event will help to energise and engage everyone who takes part helping to lift spirits and to be involved in valuable fundraising event.
Thank you for paying your child’s £1 donation here to take part in the ‘Going the Distance’ challenge; walking, running, cycling, scooting, skipping, riding, golfing, roller blading or any other way that you can think of to be physically active to clock up miles in the month of March. Further donations can also be made here too that will help Friends of ANCHOR.
This year Friends of ANCHOR has pledged to fund seven pioneering new studies, including research into breast cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, leukaemia and lymphoma. These are crucially important lab studies that could lead to breakthroughs in diagnosis and treatment. All of Friends of ANCHOR’s overheads are covered by local company Balmoral Group, so you can rest assured that 100% of your donation will do great work.
Thank you for your support and ‘Good Luck’ clocking up the miles. Remember to record them on your mileage tracker and send a message in Teams to Zibby Brown on Monday 8th, Monday 15th, Monday 22nd March and finally Thursday 1st April with your weekly mileage totals. Alternatively email your miles to Zibby Brown on z.brown@albynschool.co.uk on these dates. She will then add up all the miles achieved by everyone taking part each week and let Friends of ANCHOR know so that they can be added to the goal of reaching 72,000 miles.

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